Photo manipulation and digital art might be the way of showing our ideas, dreams and desires. We all do have imagination, sometimes it's only hidden somewhere inside us in the deepest abyss of our souls, and needs to be awaken. I would compare it to the  muscle you train in the gym. If you exercise, you might be amazed at the results. Dreams and imagination are all we have, so don't let them fall asleep. Open your mind, find inspiration around you, open your soul for beauty and your creativity will blossom.  When I have to prepare commisioned artwork, brainstorming with the client  is much appreciated. When we share our visions and ideas,  there is no other option, the final result must be perfect. Searching of your own style, looking for inspirations and passion - that's what I call creativity.



Being a photographer, retoucher and photo manipulator is a full-time job. Photography is demanding, but creating one digital image from the beginning is even more so, it might take many days, or even longer. It depends how complicated it is, and how many new ideas are born during the process of creation. To create is the greatest of joys. When I see how a new image is born, a new world appears on the screen, I feel boundless satisfaction. Of course, the number of corrections and final touches might have no limits. Over many years of retouching and creating digital art, I gained skills you can depend on. With great pleasure I will do my best to create  for you  a satisfying design and during workshops with you, I'm going to teach you how to use digital tools efficiently and with passion.



 Time is a relative concept, isn't it? Especially for me, because I can get lost in time and space very easily. Starting a personal or commissioned project demands full commitment. Then, time just stops for me, but it's a mere illusion. When I wake up from the dream of designing, I see how much time and effort it took to complete it. When I take my camera with me, I can get lost for many hours as well. Especially long-exposure shots may take a few hours. Time managment appears to be essential. I always take under consideration all the factors which may have influence on my work: that is why I always stick to the agreed deadlines. Respect for time is the key to a balanced life and happiness. Satisfaction guaranteed. I always put in a lot of effort to finish my creations,  and send files or prints on time.




If you are interested in my work I'm honored. If you would like to publish my work, or cooperate with me, I offer you the following :  private or group workshops, starting a new design project, photography (interior, travel and occasional), buying a file (you make a print at your place), or buying a final art print. In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will get in touch with you shortly, with all the answers and questions of my own. We will discuss your needs, my possibilities, time required for creation process and the price. I will do my best to share with you my thoughts about our cooperation as soon as possible. All necessary data to reach me can be found in the Contact section.



I do my best to create images of the highest possible quality. My artworks are available as limited- edition prints. Each original print is signed and numbered by hand. The available sizes range from 30 x 30 cm till 70 x 70 cm, their resolution 300/360 dpi, they are available in square format. Final prints  can be ordered on proffesional,  glossy or matt Kodak,  Epson, or Ilford papers, resistant to fading, with grammage range of 250g-300g/m2. The above-mentioned qualities guarantee a very long life of the prints. All prints are made with a white margin on each  side to make them easier to mat and frame. When you order one of my original prints, directly from me, I personally create, sign, number and ship the print with certificate of authenticity  included. I take great care to ensure  the best quality in each step and the prints are securely shipped, rolled up in a reinforced tube.



You can purchase a final print, or just ready-to-print PSD/TIFF/JPG  file  - in which case  you are able to print it out and frame  according to your personal taste,  selecting the best financial option for you. You take full control over the whole process. You get the file the same day you order it.The print  will be prepared with care and dispatched to you  within 5 business days. Price for various print dimensions can be individually negotiable, depending on the selected artwork and the  final structure of your order or our cooperation. In case of starting a new project,  price depends also  on the time I need to create the desired design and on the scale of the project. I will send your order anywhere in the world by registered mail, for safety. For Europe and USA, shipping  is included in a  total price of selected artwork from my store. For other destinations - please contact me for setting up details.  In case of shipping by courier company, cost will be calculated individually. Payments are accepted via wire  transfer or Paypal (+4% transaction fee).



I'm honoured that I have possibility to show and sell my artworks on the international market. You can buy my artworks at online  excellent international fine art galleries such as:




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